Local TV Anchor and Meteorologist Get Engaged in Newsroom

Meteorologist Trent Aric and morning anchor Jacey Birch met 10 years ago

ByABC News
November 14, 2014, 2:23 PM

— -- A love match made at a news station turned into a marriage proposal inside the newsroom with cameras rolling Thursday.

Jacey Birch, the morning anchor for local ABC station WPLG in Miami, was at the news desk preparing to do a taped interview on holiday gifts for pets when the man who appeared on the screen next to her was instead her boyfriend, WPLG meteorologist Trent Aric.

As a shocked Birch tried to figure out what was going on, Aric threw to a pre-taped package documenting the couple’s road to love.

The duo met 10 years ago when they both worked in the weather department at WPLG but only began dating 10 months ago when they were both assigned to weekend newscasts.

“It was a schedule change that started it all,” Aric told ABC News today.

Once the Aric-written, produced and narrated news package ended, Aric appeared in person, got down on one knee and asked Birch to marry him.

Birch, of course, said yes.

“I had no clue. Not even an idea,” Birch said today. “I’m still in shock.”

Aric planned the proposal far in advance – including taking a trip to Birch’s parents’ home in Vero Beach, Fla., to ask for their permission – but only told a handful of the couple’s colleagues at the station just hours before.

The proposal was done off-air but cameras were rolling so the couple would have a record of it just for themselves and their family and friends, or so they thought.

After news of the proposal was a hit on WPLG’s social media, the station posted the entire proposal on their website.

“We thought it was just going to be private and maybe it would go on Facebook for our family and friends and that was it,” Birch said.

“I was quite surprised when I woke up this morning,” Aric said of all the happy attention his romantic proposal has received, including a mention on “Good Morning America.”

The public attention has led to some confusion since certain moments of the video – like a time when Birch’s mom mentions her daughter’s two babies and when Aric’s father is crying in a hospital bed – were just inside jokes like any family has.

“Simba and Jagger, those are my two dogs,” Birch said, laughingly clearing up any confusion that she might have kids.

As for Aric’s dad, he was in the hospital earlier this month when his spot in the video was filmed, but he is fine and his tears were for purely dramatic effect.

“My dad is fully healthy and getting a good laugh out of this,” Aric said.

The couple says they plan to elope in Bora Bora next summer.

Click HERE to watch the full proposal video on WPLG’s website.