Why Louis C.K. Is Eating His Words About Bradley Cooper

A few years ago the comedian bashed his "American Hustle" costar.

March 21, 2014 -- A few years ago, during an interview with Stephen Merchant, Louis C.K. scoffed at acting students who posed questions to movie stars in "Inside the Actors Studio," saying they'll never get famous.

Well, he was wrong.

"You know when an actor stands up ... and asks Sean Penn or whoever, 'What can I do to reach your level?'" he said. "You just want to say, 'That's it. You never will be famous. You'll never be famous!"

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"There's no way you ask Sean Penn a question and you're gonna be huge," he continued. "There's not a single member of the audience that would stand up... and then that became Juliette Lewis or somebody. No."

He's right. It wouldn't be Juliette Lewis -- but it would be Bradley Cooper.

When Cooper was an aspiring actor, he did just that -- asked Sean Penn a question during his appearance on "Inside the Actors Studio."

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While one fan made a mash-up of how Cooper is likely feeling about his "American Hustle" co-star, no word yet on what his official reaction is.