Luke Bryan opens up about 'What Makes You Country:' 'It doesn't matter where you're from'

The country music superstar opened up about his new album on "GMA."

ByABC News
October 6, 2017, 8:39 AM

— -- Country music superstar Luke Bryan opened up about his new album, saying that if you feel "country," then "it doesn't matter where you're from."

"The title of it is 'What Makes You Country,' and ... we're just having fun with that title," Bryan told ABC News of his new album. "We're going around and we're asking the biggest stars in the world, we're asking fans, what makes you country?

"I think with so many labels out there, everybody gets real ... defensive about well, are you real country?" Bryan said. "This song kind of talks about [how] it doesn't matter where you're from. You know, if you like to go horseback riding once a year, well that makes you country."

Bryan is asking his fans to go online to share a video message about what makes them country with the hashtag #WhatMakesMeCountry.

Bryan, one of the newly announced judges of "American Idol," also discussed what fans can expect from highly anticipated remake of the hit show, saying, "You're looking at these young singers and entertainers and songwriters, and they're leaning on you for direction and hope."

"When you give them their golden ticket, they open the door and we get to hear the family scream. I forgot about, I forgot about that aspect of the show. ... You're changing a family," he added.

Bryan's new album "What Makes You Country" will be released on Dec. 8.