Matt Bomer discusses ‘The Last Tycoon’ and how he explains his racy roles to his kids

Bomer is playing the lead in the new Amazon series.

— -- Award-winning actor Matt Bomer is back in a new series, returning to the small screen as the lead in Amazon's “The Last Tycoon.”

Travers pointed out that Bomer has somewhat of a Monroe Star lifestyle, living and working in Hollywood and raising three sons, a 12-year-old and 9-year-old twins. He asked if Bomer tries to keep things normal at home while his work life is so much in the spotlight -- especially for roles like that of a stripper in the movie “Magic Mike XXL.”

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“For better or for worse, there were billboards on the way to their school. You know how insidious the marketing for any project, if you’re lucky, is in Los Angeles, so they definitely noticed,” Bomer said. “And we had a lot of conversations that were hopefully age appropriate. And they [his sons] like to mock my positions on billboards and things like that. We always try to take a picture next to one.”

Bomer added, “I guess there’s one for 'The Last Tycoon' up on Sunset in L.A., so they just sent me a picture of them in front of that. Thankfully I’m clothed. And it’s a pose I don’t mind them emulating,” he joked.

“The Last Tycoon” can be seen on Amazon.

Be sure to watch the full interview with Peter Travers and Matt Bomer in the video above.