Matt Damon Crashes 'Kimmel' Dressed as Tom Brady

You had to know this would happen.

Kimmel began the segment by saying they had a special guest in the house.

"The most beloved Patriot of all," he said. "We are very honored he's here tonight. He could have gone anywhere, but I got a call late last night."

A man dressed in a No. 12 jersey stepped out on the stage and Damon looked away from Kimmel as he said, "I feel great, I feel like I'm going to Disneyland."

"Why are you still in uniform?" Kimmel finally asked. "Take your helmet off."

Kimmel finally grabbed it off himself and pretended to be surprised when he realized it was Damon.

"I did it! Yes!" Damon yells. "If I'm not on the show right now, where am I? I'm on the show. Touchdown!"

There was an argument that ensued and security eventually escorted Damon off the stage.