Mayim Bialik will be on vocal rest for 30 days

The "Big Bang Theory" star has been put on vocal rest.

ByLesley Messer
June 29, 2017, 7:30 PM

— -- "Big Bang Theory" actress Mayim Bialik is set to have a very quiet July.

The actress announced on Thursday that she has sprained her vocal cords and as a result, a doctor has put her on vocal rest for 30 days.

Bialik, whose father died two years ago of a degenerative disease that also damaged his vocal cords, communicated the news with the help of an ASL translator in a video blog.

Though she has struggled with this problem for some time and has worked with a vocal coach in the past, Bialik admitted that this time, she cried as physician described the damage to her.

"'We need to do something more drastic,'" she said he told her.

Bialik, 41, noted that for the next month or so, she will be unable to use her voice in her personal life or on the job. While there are obvious setbacks -- she noted jokingly that she won't be able to tell her two sons not to play ball in the house -- she added that she's excited to find new ways of communicating with people and to discover new things about herself.

"I have no choice and I have every choice. When I remove words, I get to see what's really me: What do I create? What do I touch? What do I show? What do I need? And what do others need from me that I can provide without my voice?" she stated. "We will find out. All of us together. Quietly, slowly, gently."

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