Meet Anna Faith Carlson, the Actress Who Looks Just Like Elsa From 'Frozen'

It all started with an Instagram picture in front of a "Frozen" cutout.

— -- Anna Faith Carlson has had a crazy few months.

Earlier this year, the Florida resident, who happens to look very similar to the character Elsa from "Frozen," posted a picture in front of the Disney movie cutout, and her Instagram went nuts.

"I went to go to the movie with my sister and that's when it all started happening. I watched the movie, I said, 'I really like this,'" Carlson, 18, told ABC News. "Then, we went to the mall and there was a cardboard cutout in front of GameStop and my mom, sister and best friend were all like, 'You should take a pic' in front of the cutout."

She continued, "That's when it all started."

Carlson has been performing since she was in second-grade, but after people caught on to the uncanny resemblance to Elsa, who's voiced by Idina Menzel in the movie, she now dresses up as the "Frozen" star and performs at schools and even has plans to visit a hospital in two weeks.

She said kids who see her in costume are both shocked and excited.

"They are always so happy," she said. "I remember going to the mall and this little girl started crying and I was like, 'Don't be scared.' Then her mom said, 'She thinks you are going to freeze her with your ice powers.' I was like, 'Oh, no!'"

She added that at another school, kids started crying with excitement because they were unable to go to Disney World and were just overjoyed.

You can't have an Elsa without an Anna, Elsa's sister in "Frozen," who is impersonated by Carlson's real-life sister Lexie and also best friend Brittany Dufoe when Lexie can't do it.

"Frozen" is perfect for Carlson because the teenager, who just graduated high school last week, said she wants to focus on music in the future.

"I was born a singer," she said. "That's what's fun doing Elsa too, I get to sing 'Let it Go.' ... I write songs too, I already have songs planned out I want to sing to people."

What's next for Carlson?

She wants to sit down and record an album when all of this craziness slows, and her dream would be to audition for "Once Upon a Time" to play Elsa on the ABC show that brings fairy tales to life. (hint, hint)

ABC News is owned by Disney, which produced "Frozen," and ABC is the network on which "Once Upon a Time" airs.

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