Melissa Joan Hart: I Want Another Baby But 'I'm Afraid of Girls'

The "Melissa & Joey" star is the mother of three young boys.

Sept. 4, 2013— -- Melissa Joan Hart is already the mother of three boys, but she's already thinking about expanding her family again.

"I would like to have more. I'm not going to to say we're done having children," the "Melissa & Joey" star told ABC News, adding that while "it would be wonderful" to have a daughter, she wouldn't mind a fourth son.

"I'm scared of girls," she said. "If we had a girl it would almost be like an only child in a sense because she'd be so left out! We'd have to redo our whole house... new toys and new bikes. There are so many hand-me-downs in the family! It's awesome."

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Hart, 37, has been busy prepping for the finale of her ABC Family series (which airs tonight), as well as the October release of her new book, all while raising sons Mason, 7, Brady, 5, and Tucker, 9 months, with her husband, Mark Wilkerson. Being the mom to three busy boys has been a point of contention with her co-star, Joey Lawrence.

"He has all girls, and we argue over who has it rougher," she said with a laugh. "I'm so thankful I don't have girls! He's like, 'Well, I dealt with a temper tantrum,' and I'm like, 'I dealt with one punching the other and a fat lip!' I've got the testosterone, but he's got all the crying."

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However, all of her boys are very different, Hart said.

"Mason is definitely the pioneer, the leader. Brady's very creative and also the adventurer. On Friday, he disappeared for an hour or so! He likes to get in small spaces and he freaks us out," she said. "Tucker's a lot like Mason. He's walking at nine-and-a-half months. He's the same as his brother, very strong."

And though she's not mourning the lack of estrogen in her house, her son Mason is.

"He keeps saying, 'We need to have another! We need to soften things up around here. We need a girl,'" she said. "But they've been watching 'My Little Pony' every morning, which is nice! It's different -- softer and prettier."