Melissa Rivers Dresses Up Joan Rivers' Dogs for Halloween

The dog-loving comedian died last month at 81.

— -- When Joan Rivers died at 81, she left behind four dogs: Teegan, Mikey, Lola and Sam.

The comedian's daughter, Melissa, has taken them in and even dressed them up for Halloween.

"Happy Halloween: Teegan the frankfurter, Princess Lola, Sam the alligator, Mikey the pumpkin. #melrivers #joanrivers," she wrote on Instagram, next to a photo of the dogs.

Rivers, who died at 81 last month, often spoke lovingly of her pets. The "Fashion Police" co-host had been bi-coastal, so two of her dogs lived in Los Angeles, while the others stayed at her apartment in Manhattan.

"I live alone, and my dogs are my best friends," Cesar Milan's website. "It’s funny as I always get these rescues of breeds that I am not a big fan of, but once I get to know the dogs I absolutely love them."

It seems Melissa Rivers, who also posted a throwback photo with her mother from 2004, does, too!