'X-Men: Apocalypse': The Mutants Are Back!

“The stakes are definitely higher in this one," said Jennifer Lawrence.

— -- The Marvel mutants are back.

Lawrence's character Mystique teams up with Charles Xavier, also known as Professor X, to battle the most powerful mutant of all — the invisible and immortal Apocalypse. But the gang pulls through with help from the new generation.

Lawrence said that in this film, her character is “growing up a little bit more.”

“She’s not so focused on rebelling anymore, she’s more interested in the betterment of the mutants,” she explained.

Sophie Turner plays a young Jean Grey armed with her telepathic and telekinesis powers.

“Everyone was so welcoming, it was good,” said Turner. “And it’s just fun to play a small part in such a big ensemble cast.”

“It feels like an X-Men movie that I’ve been waiting for as well, you know, because some things happen that are so classic form the comic books,” Oscar Isaac, who plays Apocalypse, explained.

"X-Men: Apocalypse" opens nationwide tomorrow.