Michael Cera Releases a New, Surprise Album

PHOTO: Michael Cera visits the SiriusXM Studios, July 10, 2013 in New York.

Surprise, Michael Cera fans!

The actor has released a new album, "True That," on his Bandcamp website.

Cera, 26, is charging $7 for the complete album, which comes with three bonus tracks. Among the 18 tracks listed on his website are "uhohtrouble," "What Gives (... I Can't Live Like This)," "Gershy's Kiss," "Humdrummin'," "OhNadine (You Were In My Dream)" and "Sexy Nature." He tagged the album with the following words: "alternative dirty hello home recording modest music New York."

Diehard fans know that Cera has made music before. Entertainment Weekly pointed out that he not only sang and played the mandolin on Weezer's album, "Hang On," but he also performed "Anyone Else But You" with Ellen Page in their film, "Juno."

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