Miley Cyrus' Homeless VMAs Date Has Record, Warrant Out for Arrest

Records show Jesse Helt was arrested in 2010.

ByABC News
August 26, 2014, 3:06 PM

— -- The once-homeless man who was Miley Cyrus' date at the MTV VMAs on Sunday has a police record and an open warrant out for his arrest.

Jesse Helt, 22, gave a speech and accepted the award for Best Video on behalf of Cyrus on Sunday night at the MTV VMAs.

Helt spoke about youth homelessness in America and had Cyrus, 21, in tears.

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However, Helt has a warrant out for his arrest in his native Oregon.

Court records obtained by ABC News showed he was arrested for "criminal mischief" and "attempted burglary" in 2010. The burglary charge was changed to "criminal trespass" later that year. The records showed that Helt admitted he tried to enter an apartment by breaking a window amid a "marijuana" dispute.

He pleaded guilty/no contest to the charges and received probation. An arrest warrant was issued in 2011 when Helt violated probation by failing to report to scheduled probation meetings and failing to complete urine tests, among other charges.

Jon Troike, a judicial services specialist, told ABC News that Helt would be arrested if the police found him, and they might find him right in Oregon.

Helt's mother, Linda Helt, said yesterday that he would be flying home later that night.

Helt grew up in Salem, Oregon, also according to his mother.

Tuesday afternoon, Cryus tweeted, saying "People who are homeless have lived very hard lives. Jesse included. I hope that this can be the start of a national conversation about youth homelessness and how to end it."

She continued, "Does looking down upon the homeless help people excuse their inaction?"

Cyrus and Helt connected through My Friend’s Place -- a Los Angeles center for homeless youth, helping them to get food and shelter.