Mindy Kaling Reveals She Was Once 'Driven by Fear'

The actress says she didn't want to be noticed in a good or a bad way.

— -- The new Disney/Pixar animated movie "Inside Out" takes us inside the mind of an 11-year-old girl, with different stars voicing different emotions.

Mindy Kaling plays Disgust, but she told ABC News that when she was 11, it was a different emotion that drove her.

“I was mostly driven by fear as a kid," she said, "just like fear of messing up or anyone like noticing me in a bad or good way."

Clearly, she’s come to terms with that, since she's the executive producer and star of her own TV show, "The Mindy Project," which will move to Hulu for its fourth season. However, "Inside Out" also gives Kaling the opportunity to talk to other girls who might be feeling the way she once did.

“I think that this is going to be really important for younger girls,” she said. "First of all, the protagonist is like nothing you've seen before. She has no magical powers and her parents aren't rich kings."

"Inside Out" hits theaters June 19.

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