Miss America Judge Laura Marano Debuts Music Video Starring Ken Jeong

Marano details her criteria for a pageant queen.

— -- Former "Austin & Ally" star Laura Marano and Ken Jeong go way back.

So, when the singer-actress decided she wanted to make a funny video for her new single, "La La," she asked the "Dr. Ken" star to help out for a second time.

Jeong spent a few hours one weekend to film a "super low-key" video for Marano, with his daughter giving him pointers on how to dance and lip sync.

"It’s kind of the best thing ever, right? He's so frickin' funny!" Marano told ABC News, laughing. "At first we were just gonna do one shot of him singing and dancing, but then we decided it was much funnier to just go for it. It exceeded our expectations!"

"I'm looking forward to hearing what the girls have to say," she said. "I'll be looking for someone who is not only passionate about the issues they're speaking on, but [also] eloquent. They can speak out."

In addition, Marano said she will favor contestants who display good leadership skills, and those who are "very compassionate and accepting of all people."

"America is very diverse," she added, "so we should have a Miss America who represents that."