Miss Piggy on Dating Post Kermit Split: How to Get a Date With Moi

You don’t have to be pig to be with Piggy, but you've gotta be photogenic.

— -- Miss Piggy and Kermit the frog shocked the world when they called it quits. Kermit has since moved on. He's very publicly dating a pig named Denise, and Piggy, who will appear alongside her ex in ABC's revival of “The Muppets," which premieres Sept. 22, is newly back on the dating scene.

"I am playing the field. It's somebody new almost every night...I mean it,” she said in an exclusive interview on "Good Morning America," adding that any romantic partners must fill out an “application form” to be vetted for consideration.

So, how does one score a date with Piggy? The star shares the top things she looks for in her suitors:

Are You A-List? You don’t have to be in show business to date moi; it doesn’t hurt, but I’m happy to consider other fields of endeavor. The fact is, no matter what kind of work you do -– lawyer, doctor, investment banker, heir to a ridiculously large fortune –- you simply must be on the A-List. If you’re the best of the best, you’ve gotta shot to be with me.

Are You Sensitive to My Needs? Do you have a strong sense of what I want before I want it? Will you get it for me before I ask? Will it be the right color, size, price range? If you can’t answer "yes" to all these questions, forget it. You don’t have to be psychic to be with me, but it sure as heck helps.

Money Doesn’t Matter Some think that all I really want is a man with money! Ridiculous! It takes a lot more than mere money to make me happy. I want someone who cares deeply, who feels my pain, who celebrates my joy ... and who rocks my world. If you can do all that…and have money, come on down!

Species ... Shmecies! I've dated a frog, so obviously I have no problem dating outside my species. That said, I prefer not to go out with anyone whose very survival requires subzero temperatures or total immersion in water. Opposable thumbs are a plus, but not a deal breaker.

Still Interested?

You are who you are ... and I am who I am. You can never be me. And frankly, I don’t want to be you. But perhaps we can have something special together – some memorable laughs, some fabulous food, some breathtaking photo opportunities. So even though you might not measure up to my ideal man…why not give it a shot? We might even fall in love. Take it from a girl who dated a frog: stranger things have happened.

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