7 Moments in Paris Hilton's Music Video That Will Make Tween Girls Drool

The 33-year-old just released a video for "Come Alive" and it's pink. Very pink.

— -- Paris Hilton's luxurious lifestyle has always been somewhat fantastical.

However, scenes in her new video -- replete with a unicorn -- make even her jet-set life seem banal.

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"Because I wanted the music video to be a fantasy dream world and just be frilly and magical, and I think the unicorn is the epitome of magical creatures—and I’ve always wanted to have one," she told Vice. "I do have a little pony named Lady Coco Chanel, but if I had a unicorn, I would probably just name her Princess Unicorn."

These scenes in the 4 minute video will undoubtedly inspire envy in the hearts of tween girls everywhere:

1. Field Frolicking: The video starts out with Hilton, 33, frolicking in a field wearing a long, flowing skirt, her hair loose. Everything looks pink. It's a tween's dreamworld.

2. Angel Wings: As a stark contrast, we then see Hilton in an ice-blue sparkly ensemble, capped off with huge white wings. Imagine the most ornate angel Halloween costume you can. Yep, that's it.

3. The Pink Cloud: At the 43-second mark, we see Hilton relaxing in a fluffy pink cloud, wearing a crown of flowers and a sparkly bikini top. Is that the same skirt from the field?

4. Diamonds and Flowers: Throughout, we see roses blooming and Hilton wearing huge diamond studs. A few seconds later, check out her giant ring too. It's incredible that she can lift her hand with that thing.

5. The Best Swing Ever: At the 1:33 mark, Hilton, now wearing a more modest glittery bikini, is swinging on a swing of flowers. From a tree of flowers. It's actually really pretty. This is every girl's dream Instagram photo.

6. The Unicorn: In case it wasn't clear, not only is there a unicorn, but it's standing under a rainbow. (We first meet this creature around the 2:26 mark.) It also has a rainbow-colored mane. Hilton, wearing a sparkly full-length dress, is very tender with it.

7. Elsa, Is That You?: We've all been inundated with "Frozen" references, and it seems Hilton was too. At 2:39, she changes into a sexy-Elsa inspired blue leotard and matching skirt and is dancing in front of a giant crescent moon.