Musician Brett Dennen on His New Album 'Por Favor' and Performing Live

Musician Brett Dennen says he prefers live music.

— -- In the age of music and digital downloads, musician Brett Dennen believes live music is more important than ever for an artist’s development and longevity. Dennen, known for his featured recorded soundtracks on shows ‘Parenthood’ and ‘About a Boy’ says at this point in his career, he prefers live music.

“We create something really special that you couldn’t get without an audience and that the audience couldn’t get without someone on the stage,” Dennen said.

While the songwriting on his latest album "Por Favor" is personal and intimate, he believes his live performances help set him apart.

“I got into this because I loved to write songs but when I started touring all the time, I discovered I love playing for people,” he said. “I think because there are so many musicians putting their stuff out, the ones that are good live are the ones who rise to the top.”

Following 2013’s "Smoke and Mirrors," his sixth album explores love, loss and loneliness. The tittle of the album, "Por Favor," which Dennen says originally started as a joke, ended up giving context to the soundtrack.

“I like the idea of Por Favor, saying please but also asking for a little help," Dennen said. "I was in a really tender place and a very sad place when I when I wrote a lot of these songs…I knew my life was going to get better but I used the songs as a way to make that happen.”

More than a decade after his first titled album, Dennen says he is excited to get back on the road this summer for his tour.

“Really all you have to do is write and play… and find out where your fans are and keep playing to them.”