Nicole Kidman's Father, Antony Kidman, Dies

"Nicole and her family are in shock," Kidman's rep said.

— -- Actor Nicole Kidman's father, Antony Kidman, has died.

Kidman's father was reportedly in Singapore at the time of his death.

“Nicole and her family are in shock by the sudden death of her father," according to a statement from Kidman's rep. "She appreciates the outpouring of support and kindly requests privacy during this very difficult time. Thank you.”

He was a clinical psychologist in Australia.

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His rep confirmed that Urban jumped on a jet from California Thursday night to get to his and Kidman's home in Nashville, Tennessee.

Urban has been open in the past about the closeness he and his wife share, and how she saved him in 2006 with an intervention to get him sober, so his staunch support in her hour of grief is no surprise.

“I have a wife who is just from another planet. She is so celestial,” Urban told Rolling Stone earlier this year. “I felt like I was just sitting dormant, and she came along and I came to life. I was born into her, so who I am now was waiting the whole time.”

Kidman's father and her mother, Janelle, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary earlier this year.