Nicolle Wallace: 5 Things to Know About New 'View' Co-Host

Find out who has played the political correspondent in a movie!

Wallace, however, is a little more of a niche figure whom many in political circles recognize, but less so for the majority of "The View" fans.

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Well, Wallace, 42, is a formidable addition to the panel and someone who is accomplished in several mediums, including TV and print, while she has even worked in The White House alongside the president himself.

Here's five fast facts to know about the newest member on "The View."

1 - Presidential Ties

Wallace started working for then-Florida Gov. Jeb Bush in 1999 before she joined President George W. Bush's White House staff as communications chief in the early-2000s, according to her website's bio.

According to the Washington Post, her site adds, she served as “a voice for more openness with reporters.”

She also worked on the 2008 McCain-Palin campaign, which lost out to President Obama.

2 - Her Likeness Has Been in Movies

3 - Accomplished Author

Wallace wrote "Eighteen Acres," which was published in 2010, and had a sequel published the next year. Both books received critical acclaim.

Amazon's description of the book says, "From the former Communications Director for the White House and current political media strategist comes a suspenseful and smart commercial novel about the first female president [Charlotte Kramer] and all dramas and deceptions she faces both in politics and in love."

Her website says the next book in the series in coming in 2015.

4 - She's Not New to TV

Wallace has been serving as political correspondent for MSNBC and appeared on shows like "Morning Joe" and "Office Politics" to talk about the status of the government. She isn't afraid to say negative things about her own Republican party, saying "this is stupid politically" when the GOP threaten to shut down the government last year.

5 - Famous Friends

The article adds that while they both live in New York City, they often meet for walks, breakfast or even go to movies.

Couric said, “When push comes to shove, there are few people you can trust with advising you on your career. Nicolle has always had my best interest at heart. I really value that.”