Solange Shares Happy Pictures of Her with Beyonce Post Alleged Jay Z Fight

Beyonce did the same thing Wednesday following news of Solange's fight with Jay.

May 15, 2014 — -- Either the Knowles sister's are just having fun at our expense or everything is fine between Beyonce and Solange.

One day after Beyonce posted four happy pics with her sister on Instagram, Solange did the same today.

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First, she posted a "throwback Thursday" pic of her and Beyonce in dresses, an old-school family pic from years ago when the sisters were just kids.

She captioned it "#tt."

Next, the singer and model posted another throwback with what looks to be the sisters working with or hanging out with Sisqo.

"#tt The sock. Best thing since sliced. (This will be deleted tomorrow, and it's not because I don't love sisqo's awesome guitar)," Solange wrote.

Seems like everything is back to normal for Solange and Beyonce after video was released earlier this week of Solange allegedly attacking Jay Z in an elevator after May 5's Met Gala.

The video showed Knowles walking up to the rapper, her brother-in-law, and then punching and kicking him while a bodyguard did his best to hold her back. At the end of the 58-second clip, Beyonce, 32, stepped in between the two.

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Jay Z, 44, wearing a white tuxedo, which he wore to the Met, appeared to do his best to stand away from Solange in the corner of the elevator and put his hands up in defense. Solange continued to kick him, even with the bodyguard holding her.

None of the parties involved have spoken about the fight, but maybe the photos are a sign the sisters are OK.

Jay Z and his wife have been seen smiling at Brooklyn Nets playoffs games all week.

Reps for both parties have not yet responded to a request for comment.