'Olive Kitteridge': All You Need to Know About the Emmy-Winning Series

The HBO show cleaned up at the Emmys last night.

ByABC News
September 21, 2015, 12:23 PM

— -- Last night, HBO's "Olive Kitteridge" absolutely cleaned up at the 67th Emmy Awards.

Leads Frances McDormand and Richard Jenkins each took home trophies, while the show itself won for outstanding limited series. In all, "Kitteridge" took home six Emmys. After the big night, some TV fans wanted to know more about the show.

"Kitteridge" is a bit of a dark comedy about life, based on the award-winning 2008 novel by Elizabeth Strout. The story is set in the fictional town of Crosby, Maine, and HBO turned the 13 short stories into a four-part series, that debuted last November.

According to IMDB, the show focuses on "a middle-school math teacher Olive and her marriage with Henry which spans 25 years."

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Frances McDormand appears in a scene from "Olive Kitteridge."

Olive is played by McDormand and Jenkins plays Henry, a pharmacist, who is much more upbeat than his wife. Other stars of the show include Ann Dowd, Bill Murray, Zoe Kazan, Ken Cheeseman, Martha Wainwright and John Gallagher Jr., who you may remember from "The Newsroom," another Emmy-winning series from HBO.

Olive is brash and honest. When asked by Bill Murray's character, Jack, on reasons to live after his wife had just died, she says, "Don't have a clue. I'm waiting for the dog to die, so I can shoot myself." It's this kind of witty humor that won the show so many awards.

In a second trailer released by HBO, Kitteridge blames her mean temperament on depression.

"I think our son is going to have a wonderful life," Henry tells Olive, who responds, "He married a woman, who thinks she knows everything."

"So did I," Henry fires back.

As for the HBO official description of the series, it reads, "Love and loss. Sorrow and joy. Olive and Henry Kitteridge know there’s no such thing as a simple life."

"It baffles me, this world," Olive says.