Olivia Wilde Talks Love, the Benefits of Aging and Her Post-Baby Body

"There are bizarre and unrealistic expectations placed on new mothers," she said

— -- Olivia Wilde has a lot of love in her life.

The "House" and "The Longest Week" star, 30, has been engaged to actor Jason Sudeikis since last January and the couple just welcomed their son Otis this past April.

"Love is what has unlocked the happiest parts of my life," Wilde told ABC News. "Not only falling in love with my fiance, but then having a child and falling in love on a completely different level. I just have found my sources of inspiration in life and it all comes from witnessing love."

Love was the theme of Tuesday night's launch of Revlon “LOVE IS ON” campaign in New York City, where Wilde is a celebrity ambassador.

"I really like the message that Revlon is sending with 'LOVE IS ON,'" Wilde said. "It's encouraging people to find love in their lives and be inspired by love."

Wilde added that her inspirations come from seeing love in Haiti before and after a major earthquake and how that got the people there through, and seeing marriage equality rise to the surface in 2014.

Representing Revlon, Wilde understands as an actress, she's under the microscope more than most, even as a natural beauty.

"I really think people have become more realistic about what beauty is and how varied it is," she said. "For me personally, I've become less concerned with all of that, that's a wonderful part about aging, your priorities sort of fall into line. I enjoy getting dressed up. I love putting on makeup and going out, but the pressure to feel pretty all the time, I do not feel."

Wilde, who had a baby just 7 months ago, touched on the pressures a celebrity has to bounce back and look amazing again right after giving birth.

"There are bizarre and unrealistic expectations placed on new mothers about what they should do with a body that's just produced a human being," she said. "But I try not to let that get to me. For me, it's just about feeling good. That's just what kind of has gotten me through. Do I feel good? Yes. Do I feel like I need to work on myself a little bit? Yeah. That's all a part of self love."