'Orange Is the New Black' Star Kate Mulgrew on Her 22-Year Search to Reunite With Daughter

PHOTO: Kate Mulgrew and Pablo Schreiber in a scene from Netflixs "??Orange is the New Black" Season 2.Ali Goldstein/Netflix
Kate Mulgrew and Pablo Schreiber in a scene from Netflix's "??Orange is the New Black" Season 2.

"Orange Is the New Black" star Kate Mulgrew placed her daughter up for adoption in 1977 and then spent 22 years trying to find her.

While speaking with People magazine, Mulgrew, 59, opened up about the first call she had with her daughter, Danielle, after her long search to reconnect.

"Time stopped," she said. "There was this voice, unrecognizable, but I knew it was her."

Indeed, Danielle remembers the call, too.

"I remember three questions came from her. The first one was, 'Are you pretty?' And then the second one was, 'Are you happy?' And then the third one was, 'Do you believe in God?' That is Kate in a nutshell," she said of her mother.

The story and interview are part of Mulgrew's new memoir, "Born With Teeth," where the actress talks about the two decades she spent looking for her daughter.

Mulgrew added that when the call came in back in 1999, she was still on the show "Star Trek: Voyager" and their first call was interrupted by a production assistant.

"I explained that I was an actress on the set, and there was going to be knocking on my door, but that nothing was more imperative to me than making a plan with her," she said, adding that they got together four days later.