Oscars 2016: Chris Rock's Best Moments During the Oscars

The comedian hosted the 88th Academy Awards

Here are his best moments as an Oscars host:

Interviews Outside of a Compton Movie Theater

In a bit of a flip, Rock stood outside of a movie theater in Compton, California to ask patrons their thoughts on this year's Oscar-nominated films. In a hilarious sketch, many of those interviewed had never heard of the films. Of course those interviewed had all seen "Straight Outta Compton," a film that only received a nod for Best Original Screenplay.

Since the Oscars are during the month of February -- also known as Black History Month -- Rock decided to pay homage to one actor in this sketch. It was narrated by Oscar-nominated actress Angela Bassett, but you'll have to watch and see why this one is so funny.

When He Sold Girl Scout Cookies to the Crowd

Public Enemy's "Fight the Power"