Pamela Anderson: 'Never Marry a Rich Man'

The actress penned a poem that hints at a split: "I knew it was wrong..."

— -- Pamela Anderson has begun writing poetry.

Days after the news broke that the actress had filed for divorce from husband of six months, Rick Salomon, the former "Baywatch" star penned a poem that seems to hint at a break-up.

"I love being in love-- but expectations, make it impossible to be happy-or satisfied...," she wrote. "What have I done...? I knew it was wrong from the start--primitive-- base instinct... Never marry a rich man."

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Anderson, 47, doesn't refer to the breakup specifically in the roughly 1,200-word poem, and at the end, she references the show she is developing with David LaChapelle and Robin Antin of the Pussycat Dolls, which could mean that it's part of that performance. However, the poem contains telling lines, with biting comments about love and romance.

"No man knows what to do with me," she wrote. "I blame myself."

This was the second time Anderson, married Salomon, 45. They wed for the first time in 2007 and were together only a couple of months before having the union annulled. Anderson has also been married to rockers Tommy Lee and Kid Rock.