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  • Chris Brown in a Rage After Interview

    Things heated up on "Celebrity Apprentice" when singer Meat Loaf lost his cool on the show. Meat Loaf became infuriated when he accused "Point Break" actor Gary Busey of stealing his art supplies during a group fundraising challenge. Busey described Meat Loaf's outburst, saying, "Meatloaf excelled to the level of dancing on the rainbow with no fear." Meat Loaf later apologized to Busey, saying, "I'm so embarrassed by it, and I'm so upset by it. I truly am very sorry."
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  • H'Wood's Bad Boys Kiefer Sutherland

    In this photo from Fox, actor Kiefer Sutherland is shown in a scene from the network's show "24." Sutherland reportedly head-butted designer Jack McCollough at an after-party for the Met Costume Gala May 4, 2009, in New York City after McCollough knocked over actress Brooke Shields. According to celebrity gossip Web Site TMZ, Sutherland asked McCollough to apologize for knocking over Shields, and McCollough pushed Sutherland in response. This is when Sutherland allegedly retaliated by head-butting McCollough. Shields' reps told TMZ that the man Kiefer allegedly head-butted Monday night had done nothing to her to warrant such a reaction. The incident is under police investigation.
    Kelsey McNeal/FOX
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