'Pitch Perfect 2' Movie Review

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Rated PG-13

Three-and-a-half out of five stars

No one saw the success of 2012’s "Pitch Perfect" coming. Instead, we heard it. So what if it was a bit of a "Glee" rip-off: Anna Kendrick, with a little help from Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow and too many terrific supporting performances to mention, were music to our ears. The Barden Bellas made us laugh, so much.

The bad news, such as it is, is "Pitch Perfect 2" isn’t as good as the first. But it’s not bad, not at all.

In the meantime, Kendrick’s Beca has scored her dream internship at a recording studio with a hot-headed, cocky, Grammy-winning producer (the hilarious Keegan-Michael Key). But Beca’s keeping her Internship a secret because she’s afraid it’ll freak out Chloe (Snow).

The musical numbers are terrific but not always as funny as they’re meant to be. One particular number, a singing competition curated by an eccentric millionaire played by David Cross, starts out slow but earns big laughs, highlighted by one very unexpected a cappella group.