Rachel Zoe's Guide to Style for Moms-to-Be and New Moms

VIDEO: Stylist to the stars plans to reveal clothing line at New York Fashion Week.

Stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe gave herself a radical makeover after the birth of her son.

With 4-month-old Skyler in tow, gone are Zoe's six-inch heels, sequined jackets (while holding the baby) and her long, dangly statement necklaces and jewelry (which little Skyler can tug on). Also gone are the days of jet-setting off to Paris at a moment's notice for fashion shows.

Zoe's signature vintage-inspired touches can be found on celebrities throughout Hollywood. Now she's nearly as famous as the people she dresses -- including Nicole Richie, Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz -- in part thanks to her mega-hit Bravo reality TV series, "The Rachel Zoe Project," which documents her frantic life.

"Every day is a good excuse to dress up," she told ABC's Juju Chang. "Wear your clothes. What are you saving up for? I'm wearing my sequins at 12 noon to lunch, and I'm wearing, you know, five cocktail rings to the supermarket."

With the stylist known for her "Zoe-isms" such as "I die" and "bananas," Zoe's reality show took a more serious tone last season when it was dominated by her anguish over having a baby. Even her husband and business partner Roger Berman was urging her to change her work-a-holic ways to start a family.

WATCH: Rachel Zoe says she "loved" gaining the baby weight.

"I knew that I would always regret [not having children] if I didn't," she said. "My issue was when, you know, time was running out."

With the birth of her son Skyler, new mom Zoe said her entire perspective changed, and that for the first time, something else took priority over her fashion obsession.

"We're not saving lives," she said. "So when I take a step back, I'm like, God, that was really traumatizing about that dress, and then it's like, really? What's traumatizing is actually, you know, is my son sick?"

Now juggling parenthood and a rapidly growing empire, Zoe is contemplating another new venture: her own line of high-end children's clothing. She says now every aspect of her life is a combination of motherhood and enterprise.

"Every day I wake up thinking, what can I do next and what more can I do?" she said. "With my husband by my side, and now Skyler, my son, and the team that I have, I feel like anything is possible."

Going from being a mom-to-be to a new mom forced the fashionista to evolve her style as her 5-foot-1 thin frame changed with her pregnancy. She offers her style tips for other new moms below.

Rachel Zoe's Guide to Style for Moms-To-Be
Zoe shared the style tips she used in her revolving pregnancy "uniform" while carrying baby Skyler.

A Note From Rachel Zoe: "I have a collection of vintage dresses, and many of them I buy even though they kind of don't fit because I love them. So sometimes they're totally the wrong size and too big, or it's a very loose cut, it's a vintage cut and it's boxy or whatever. So in pregnancy, a lot of those dresses really worked."

Dressing Up for a Night Out: A-line Dresses or Dresses That Show Some Skin:

"Anything A-line is great if you want to go short. If not, I think a bare neck or shoulder is always super sexy -- but never too revealing. An empire waist is great if you want to show off your belly," Zoe said.

Extra touch: "Try something strapless or one shoulder if you want to show a little skin."

For the Day-to-Day: Maxi Dresses

"Keep the dresses long and loose," Zoe said. "Column-style maxi dresses are always a great option because they're effortless yet chic -- perfect for those days when you're not in the mood to put together an entire outfit. Just throw on a long dress and you're done."

Extra touch: "I love this look paired with a belt worn under your belly to accentuate the bump -- after all, you only have it for a couple of months."

If Dresses Aren't Your Thing: Leggings or Jeans and Loose Tops

"Some of my fave denim designers like 7 For All Mankind and J Brand offer seriously comfortable denim and legging alternatives -- the perfect starting-off point for the ultimate prego-chic look," Zoe said.

Extra touch: "I wore them every day with a great jacket and a long loose tee, either LNA or Nation LTD.

"For tops keep them long and keep them loose! Think long tunics or ponchos, but style them with a low belt to accentuate your belly or if you're going short -- keep it flowy," she added.

The Ultimate Accessory: Capes

"Depending on your season and geography, coats and long vests -- anything faux fur or tweed -- are great for an instantly and effortlessly chic update to any look," Zoe suggested.

"Don't even get me started on capes -- obsessed! Any time you are in a rush or just not feeling great, throw a cape on before you walk out the door. They are the ultimate disguise because you can wear anything underneath," she said.

Zoe added that you can finish off any look with a pair of glamorous sunglasses and a great tote bag.

For Shoes: Leave Your Stilettos in the Closet

"But if you're like me and still crave heels in your third trimester, keep your center of gravity in check in a great pair of wedges," Zoe said.

Rachel Zoe's Guide to Style for New Moms
A Note From Rachel Zoe: "As a new mom, it's important to take that extra five minutes, either in the morning or night, to add a little dose of glam to your life."

Keep It Easy and Simple

"Every woman needs a little glamour in her life, no matter how busy or tired," she said. "It can be as easy as swapping out a loose white tee for a fitted blouse or adding your favorite statement accessory, either a necklace or a really colorful scarf -- the perfect pick-me-up!"

Extra touch: "Try something as simple as a bold lip or chic and sleek ponytail for a night out."

New Mom Fashion Should be "Functional" During the Day

"Chunky jewelry and sky-high heels are reserved for night," Zoe said. "During the day you have to keep it minimal. You need to be realistic. I can't honestly hold my son, feed him and push a stroller in a sequin ball gown and 6-inch Atwoods, as much as I would love to."

Go for "Chic Comfort" in Your Outfits

"For me that means wide-leg jeans -- the bigger the bell the better -- a loose tank, a pair of wedges and a killer jacket to give the look some edge and glamour," she said.

Shoe Suggestion: Ballet Flats

"I mean it's not as though you are going to catch me in flats now that I am a mom, but I understand that flats are a must for a lot of women," she said "If that's the case, go for a chic pair of either Lanvin or Balenciaga ballet flats."

The Ultimate Accessory: The Oversized Tote

"An oversized tote is crucial now that I'm always packing for two," Zoe said.

Extra touch: "A straw fedora or wide-brimmed hat and enormous sunnies are the final but most essential finishing touches -- great for looking stylish but even better for hiding fatigue!"

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