'Real Housewives' star Nene Leakes explains why she doesn't share her New Year's resolutions

Nene Leakes said

"I have a lot of New Year's resolutions," she told ABC News. "I'm from the south, so we don't tell our New Year's resolutions. I really think that you should move in silence."

Leakes, 50, explained, giving an example: "Even if your goal is to be on a diet this year, when you go on a diet, you go on a diet in silence."

"You do not tell your friends around you that you're on a diet because the moment you order a salad with ranch dressing on it they're going to say, 'That's ranch dressing, honey! You know that's got a lot of calories in it, girl. You shouldn't be eating that!'"

The former "New Normal" actress added that it helps to keep resolutions private because if you fall off no one will know "you've messed up but you, and you can get back up and start over tomorrow."

"Whatever your goals are for 2018 you tell them to yourself," Leakes added.