Rebel Wilson's Sarcastic Dating Advice for 'Bachelor' Contestants

VIDEO: Rebel Wilson Discusses New Role in How to Be
WATCH Rebel Wilson Discusses New Role in 'How to Be Single'

Comedian Rebel Wilson is starring in a new anti-romantic comedy, “How To Be Single,” which follows a group of women in New York City who want to be in committed relationships. That obviously makes her the perfect candidate to give this season’s buzziest “Bachelor” contestants some shrewd dating advice, which she offered freely on “Good Morning America” today.

On Bachelorette Olivia, who is still on the show but is deeply concerned about her cankles, Wilson thinks she should embrace them:

“I don’t think those were cankles. They look like sturdy ankles to me, like stankles which is actually a prized trait in Hungarian society,” the actress joked. “I think with this lady, I think she just needs to be confident in her own skin. Because when you’re happy with you, you’re probably going to attract the right partner into your life. That’s probably the number one rule and message in ‘How To Be Single.’”

On Hayley, the twin sister who was dismissed from the show, leaving her twin Emily to continue on in the competition, Wilson thinks she’s probably better off being eliminated.

“Ok, I think she needs a better occupation than ‘twin.’ That would be my number one tip,” said Wilson. “And also a good rule to think about is that when it comes to guys, never compete with your own sister, or your mom or grandmom. Because it’s just not cool. Whoever saw the guy first gets dibs on him.”

“How to Be Single” hits theaters on Feb. 12.