Renée Zellweger Opens Up About Boyfriend Doyle Bramhall II

The Oscar winner usually is very quiet about her private life.

— -- Renée Zellweger couldn't be happier with her love life.

"I'm happy," the "Bridget Jones" actress said, adding some details about what she likes about Bramhall. "Isn't he cute? He's a very sweet man. I'm very, very happy right now."

The actress also spoke poignantly about why she was at the event. Her publicist Nanci Ryder was diagnosed with ALS nine months ago.

"As a person who loves someone who is living with ALS, I'm happy to be here among so many of you who understand what that diagnosis means," she told the event's crowd. "We've learned that living with ALS does not mean being defined by the disease. She's a beautiful example of that."