Richard Simmons Speaks Out About Closing His Fitness Studio

The studio had been open for more than 40 years.

ByABC News
November 18, 2016, 4:29 PM

— -- After more than 40 years in business, tomorrow will be the last day Richard Simmon's exercise studio in Los Angeles will be open.

It will be a quiet closing for Slimmons Studio, which opened in 1974, but that's what the fitness guru wanted, according to his manager.

"While Slimmons may be closing, Richard Simmons has made an indelible mark on the lives of millions through his classes there and around the world. While he is taking time for himself right now, his tenets of kindness, encouragement and well being will endure," Simmons' manager Michael Catalano told ABC News.

He added that there is no special celebration planned.

"[Slimmons] was a place to make friends, listen to and learn from others, lose weight and gain confidence. These were all the reasons I went to Slimmons too!" Simmons told ABC News via his manager. "I've dedicated my life to helping others feel better about themselves and they helped me to do the same. Thank you for always supporting and loving me."

Simmons, 68, broke the news of his studio's closing last month on Facebook, writing, "Some of you may have heard that Slimmons will close next month. While it is true, it has been an amazing part of my life to teach, meet and support people from all over the world. I want to thank everyone who has come through those studio doors to laugh, cry and sweat with me! Remember to keep sweatin.'"

This came after Simmons admitted he'd been taking time off from the spotlight to focus on his health. He has rarely been seen in the last few years.

"It was time for me to take some time to be by myself," he told "Entertainment Tonight," adding he had been dealing with a knee injury.