The Many Faces of Ricky Gervais

Comedian shows why he's genuis, posting several wacky faces on his blog.

July 5, 2011— -- He may have become a Hollywood pariah after his no-holds-barred performance as the Golden Globes host, but Ricky Gervais can still demonstrate why he's considered a comic genuis simply by pulling a funny face.

The comedian actually made several faces, which he posted to his blog. Eyes bugged, teeth blacked out and protruding, his chin to chest, he managed to contort his face into a series of wacky, bizarre and downright hilarious poses.

For some, he offered an explanation. Below a picture of him on a movie set, with his hair slicked back and looking slim, Gervais posted another of him with his hair mussed, his eyes big and slightly crossed, and his crooked teeth in an exaggerated overbite with the caption "This is me when the alarm goes off at 7a.m. Still mustn't grumble. I have the best job in the world."

Gervais does appear to be quite busy at the moment, directing a feature "Life's Too Short " and promoting "Spy Kids 4" in which he voices a spy dog. He continues to talk up the show he's best known for, "The Office" -- he was the creator and star of the original "Office" -- which celebrates its 10th anniversary this week.

At the same time, Gervais acknowledged on his blog that some of his "best work is happening now" and posted a picture of him looking scruffy and slightly deranged with two front teeth missing. He captioned it "See what I mean? Genius."

He admitted to be "f**king proud" of a photo in which he tucked his chin tight next to his bare chest to make it look as if he had no neck.


In another photo in which Gervais' hair stuck up and his front teeth were blacked out, he pulled an expression similar to Jack Nicholson's in "The Shining." He said he was sending it to friend and fellow comedian Christopher Guest, who gave him the guitar he played in "Spinal Tap."

"Still can't quite get over Christopher Guest giving me a 'Spinal Tap' guitar," he wrote. "Slightly surreal. I sent him this to add to his collection. He says he's doing a book of my best ones."

Earlier, Gervais posted another neckless pose of himself lying down on a chaise in Guest's hotel suite after Guest and his wife, Jamie Lee Curtis, joined Gervais for his 50th birthday dinner.

"I was speechless," Gervais wrote about the Fender guitar. "It was really too much. What a remarkable gift. I had to have a little lie down in his hotel suite."

Even when he isn't saying anything, Gervais is still funny.