Roseanne Barr Headed Back To The Small Screen?

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Doesn't everyone wish they had an aunt like Roseanne Barr? Well, apparently, Chelsea Handler does.

Chelsea revealed this week that she is in talks with Roseanne to have her join the cast of "Are You There Vodka?," the NBC sitcom based on Chelsea's best-selling book which stars "That '70s Show"'s Laura Prepon as Chelsea and Chelsea herself as her older, pregnant sister. If Roseanne signs on, she will be playing Chelsea's crazy aunt.

The writers of the show have long had Roseanne in mind for a role. Originally, they wanted her to do a cameo in the pilot as a lesbian inmate who befriends Chelsea when she ends up in the clink for a DUI. But, they decided an upgraded role might be more fun.

For Roseanne, this would mean leaving her macadamia farm in Hawaii and returning to Hollywood for the first time in a while. And all this comes on the heels of her penning an amazing essay for New York Magazine about how the experience of making "Roseanne" was in many ways soul-crushing. In that essay, Roseanne said ABC execs took credit for ideas and didn't give her the respect she deserved for having a number one show on the sir. (When her show first topped ratings, she got chocolate while men in the same position are traditionally given fancy cars.) But apparently, Roseanne is willing to give NBC a chance.

I personally adore Roseanne and hope she decides to sign on the dotted line. What do you think?