Sara Gilbert and Roseanne Barr Share Secrets From 'Roseanne' Set

The two also reveal a gross prank George Clooney once pulled.

— -- "Roseanne" reunion!

Roseanne Barr joined Sara Gilbert, the host of "The Talk" and her former TV daughter, on Gilbert's show Tuesday and dished about the iconic show they both starred on from the late 1980s until 1997.

"I was most like Darlene [Gilbert's character]," Barr said when asked which of her TV kids she felt most similar to. "I was kind of a rebel, and, you know, I had periods of depression and stuff like that, and I just thought that was a cool and very accurate way that a lot of girls are, especially intelligent, thinking, sensitive girls in their teens, so it was important to me to have that element in the show."

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Barr, 61, had a moment with Gilbert, too, and said the actress-turned-talk show host really brought Darlene "to life" on screen.

Gilbert, 39, also had nothing but great things to say about working with Barr.

"Julie [Chen, her co-host] was saying, 'The pictures are so sweet,' and I was thinking, 'Well, it's because that chemistry was there,' Like, we were really a family. Without each other, there would be no show," Gilbert said.

"Every day, it was fun," Barr said.

Barr and Gilbert also discussed working with George Clooney, who got his start on the hit show.

"We used to have a few cocktails after we wrapped," Barr said. "Just the adults. George took a picture of his wiener. I don't know. What's the better word? ... He had these Groucho glasses and he put the Groucho glasses [on], so the wiener was the nose ... and he put that on the fridge for the next day when we came in."

The second day, the picture disappeared and hasn't resurfaced.