Who Is Sara Leal?

Ashton Kutcher's reported mistress was the "fun party girl," says friend.

ByABC News
October 12, 2011, 4:03 PM

Oct. 12, 2011 — -- Sara Leal: Texas native, San Diego party girl and now, purported Ashton Kutcher paramour.

Much has come out about Leal, 22, since she reportedly slept with Kutcher on Sept. 24, the date of his sixth wedding anniversary of his marriage to Demi Moore. Leal spoke to Us Weekly magazine about their purported meeting, describing a romp in the hot tub, two sexual encounters without condoms and pillow talk that covered topics ranging from their astrological signs to Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry.

Leal's lawyer, Keith Davidson, told ABCNews.com "no comment" when asked about the Us Weekly story. Multiple requests for comment from representatives and lawyers for Kutcher and Moore were not returned.

But those close to the Southern-girl-turned-tabloid-star are speaking out.

"Sara is a pretty cool girl," Gavin Naumoff told ABCNews.com. A 23-year-old San Diego party promoter who said he'd been friends with Leal for two years, Naumoff had planned to meet up with Leal the night of her reported tryst with Kutcher in the diamond suite of San Diego's Hard Rock Hotel. "Yeah, she parties a lot, but she's cool and nice, and who hasn't had some crazy photos taken of them when they were 22?"

Naumoff was referring to the multiple, sometimes topless, photos of Leal that have circulated on the Internet since reports of her and Kutcher's purported dalliances emerged late last month. He called Leal's encounter with Kutcher uncharacteristic. To his knowledge, she'd never sought out or slept with a celebrity before.

"Sara wasn't really hooking up with guys," he said. "She'd go out with her best friends, and she'd get drunk and be the fun girl. She wasn't known as a slut or anything like that."

According to Naumoff, on Sept. 23, Leal went out with a group of pals, including girlfriend Alexis Williams and Williams' boyfriend, Jacques Du Toit. Naumoff said the three found out that Kutcher was having a party in his hotel suite; Williams and Leal ended up in the hot tub with him. But, Naumoff said, Williams and Du Toit left soon after. According to Leal's account in Us Weekly, Leal and Kutcher first had sex at 6 a.m. on Sept. 24.

The next day, Naumoff said Du Toit and Williams couldn't stop talking about partying with the "Two and a Half Men" star.

"We were at a barbecue, and Jacques kept saying, 'Man, you should've been there, it was ridiculous,'" Naumoff said.

Leal was not at the barbecue. Her life's been turned upside down since Sept. 24; Naumoff said she lost her job as an administrative assistant for a San Diego public adjuster firm soon after reports about her reputed night with Kutcher surfaced.

Her ex-boyfriend is upset with her too, according to Naumoff. Leal dated fellow San Diego resident Chris Culver for five months. Naumoff estimated that the couple broke up two months ago. Naumoff was once close to both of them, but after the reports about Kutcher, his friendships have soured.

"Chris and I were friends, and I saw him the other night while we were out," Naumoff said. "He went pretty crazy on me. He had to be taken out of the bar."

ABCNews.com's multiple requests for comment from Culver, Williams, Du Toit and Leal's parents went unswered. Reached for comment, Leal's grandmother, Monna Rober, said, "I'm not involved in it. I would suggest that you talk to her lawyer."

Naumoff doesn't understand how Leal didn't see this coming.

"She's pretty upset because she comes from a small town in Texas, and I think they're giving her a lot of heat for coming out to California to do things like this," he said. "But, I mean, if you're going to hook up with Ashton Kutcher, you'd better be ready for some serious wrath."