Sarah Jessica Parker Once Got Treadmill From Producer to Stay Fit

He literally sent it to her so she could run everyday.

"It was a very important time in my life. I was about to do 'Honeymoon In Vegas' and before that I was off to do another movie in Iowa," she said. "And the producer of 'Honeymoon In Vegas' was very concerned about me being fit for 'Honeymoon In Vegas.' So they sent a treadmill to Iowa."

When asked if she was joking, she replied, "Dead serious."

Parker said she was actually "amenable" to the gesture.

"Then when I went to Iowa, on the treadmill, I continued to run like a lunatic to [C+C Music Factory's 'Everybody Dance Now']," she added. "Then we went to Vegas and I had a treadmill also in my room and I would get up every morning and run."