Seattle Lawyer Gets Sir Mix-A-Lot's Old Cellphone Number

"It’s kind of like a mic drop moment," Jonathan Nichols explained.

ByABC News
January 13, 2016, 9:28 AM

— -- Sir Mix-A-Lot is the rapper who catapulted to fame in 1992 for his bootylicious anthem, “Baby Got Back.”

But now Sir Mix-A-Lot is in a bit of a mix-up when Jonathan Nichols, a lawyer from Seattle, got a new cellphone number. Nichols was suddenly inundated with some very big offers.

“I used to get a lot of calls and voicemails from luxury car dealers and they were always trying to sell me or have me test drive a Ferrari or Lamborghini,” Nichols, 33, told ABC News.

Then he received this cryptic voicemail.

“This used to be Sir Mix-A-Lot’s number,” a woman said on the recording. “If somebody calls talking about they are Snoop Dogg, they really are.”

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It turns out Nichols’ new digits once belonged to Sir Mix-A-Lot. The lawyer had obtained the new local number while in law school to make the job search easier.

“[Nichols is] probably getting insane pictures, photos, and strange ‘Happy Birthday’ songs and all kinds of stuff,” Sir Mix-A-Lot, whose real name is Anthony Ray, told ABC News. “If he’s a lawyer, he sifts through those calls, he will find clients. Trust me. A lot of them.”

The recording artist, who was born in Seattle, did offer a solution for Nichols.

“Just to help him offload some of this pressure, he can always forward the ladies’ pics to me and I’ll take that off his hands so he won’t have to deal with that,” he quipped. “That should alleviate about 80 percent of the problem.”

As for Nichols, he said he’s happy to have the number.

“I don’t ever want to change this number,” he explained. “It’s my fun, quirky, interesting fact for ice breakers. I can say, ‘Actually, I have Sir Mix-A-Lot’s old phone number,’ and it’s kind of like a mic drop moment.”