'Secret Princes' Go Undercover to Find Love in US

Royal bachelors learn to live on their own without luxury or servants.

ByABC News
September 18, 2012, 5:20 PM

Sept. 18, 2012— -- It's every girl's dream to find her prince, and the reality is, there are quite a few out there.

Not just William and Harry, but Lord Robert Walters of England, Prince Salauddin Babi of India, Honourable Ludovic Waldo Rupert Watson of Houghton Hall in York, and Prince Francisco Joaquin de Borbon von Hardenberg of Spain, who also has royal lineages in France and Germany.

"I'm actually third in line to be king of France if there was a king again," Francisco said. "I'm actually three times prince as well as future Duke of Seville. I'm a count two times in Germany -- there's just a variety of titles."

Each nobleman comes from a powerful heritage, but all have come to the United States to go undercover, ditching their wealth, status, servants and lavish lifestyles, and to live as commoners in hopes of finding someone to love them for their true selves and not their royal bloodline.

These modern-day royals are the stars of TLC's new reality series, "Secret Princes," which premieres on Sept. 21. "Nightline" went inside their bachelor pad in Atlanta, Ga., to see how the four lads were adjusting.

Honourable Ludovic Watson, a 23-year-old sports enthusiast who goes by "Ludo," is the son of Lord and Lady Manton and was looking forward to dating.

"I think American girls would suit me better because they seem more outgoing and more relaxed and hopefully more…easygoing," Ludovic said.

Robert Walters, the 30-year-old Lord of the Manor or Fulwood, said he can trace his title back to Britain's King Henry VIII. He is recognizable on the streets of London because in addition to his linage, he is an underwear model who has graced the covers of several popular magazines. It seems he would have no problem with the ladies, but Lord Rob said he is "very picky."

"When I go out I enjoy flirting with women, I enjoy getting numbers," he said. "But when it comes to finding that right one, that real special one that you can't stop thinking about, you just want to do everything together, you know, it's really tough."

Francisco, who goes by "Cisco," said it was hard to meet women back at home in Spain who weren't enthralled by his family name.

"You meet women at these balls, these huge events all over Europe in giant castles," he said. "You never know if they are like, 'oh, he's a Borbon, I want to be a princess, I want to be a duchess.' It's really tough. It takes a while to let someone come close to you."

So the four moved in together to work odd jobs, cook, clean and date, slumming it all the while. And it seemed that they have learned to appreciate the luxuries they took for granted back home.

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"I have close to 50 servants here in the Garden Palace," said Salauddin, who goes by "Sal." "I need anything, there's always a staffer… so I would get up in the morning, back home, I get my glass of milk first thing, or tea. Here, that doesn't come. You have to fend for yourself."

Back at their palaces and estates, these royals aren't expected to find a wife on their own, let alone a glass of milk. Falling in love is why they came to the U.S., but they have to do it fast, otherwise they may go home to an arranged marriage.

For Lord Rob, finding his Ladyship isn't so easy, now that he is bussing tables and cleaning windows for minimum wage. Sal's job as a dog groomer had him thinking twice about the whole concept of work.

Their objective here is not to get their hands dirty, but to take a woman's hand in marriage, so will it work? After four weeks, the princes will reveal their true identities at a large ball and will finally see if they get their fairy tale ending.