Seth Rogen and James Franco Address the Sony Hack

The actor, who co-wrote the film, and costar James Franco discuss the Sony hack.

"I can't definitively say I know the ramifications of the storm. I mean, I don't know if the hacking honestly is because of our movie, definitively or not," he said. "I know that it has been the center of a lot of media attention lately. It is weird because we just wanted to make a really funny, entertaining movie and the movie itself is very silly and wasn't meant to be controversial in any way."

As a result, he doesn't regret making it. Rogen, 32, who co-wrote the movie, said that it's the responsibility of others "who are much smarter than me" to analyze the possible repercussions of making a film like this. His job, he said, is just to make people laugh.

“The more we read about North Korea the more fascinated we became,” said Rogen. “And it truly is a bizarre place. It almost is like a relic from another time.”

“To be fair,” Franco added of the film, “it satirizes American culture just as much.”

"At this point, it's too late to have any [second thoughts]. I mean, no, I think again, I like the movie. I can't in my head over-connect everything surrounding it with the movie itself," he said. "When I've seen the movie with 30-plus audiences in 30-plus movie theaters and every time, they really like it, that's what I have to keep coming back to. We set out to make a movie that was really entertaining to audiences and I genuinely think we did that. And that's where my job ends."

For the full interview with Rogen and Franco, watch ABC News' "Good Morning America" on Tuesday, Dec. 16.