Singer Phil Collins Is Coming Out of Retirement: 'The Horse Is Out of the Stable'

"The horse is out of the stable," the rocker said.

ByABC News
October 28, 2015, 12:11 PM

— -- Phil Collins is back!

"I'm no longer officially retired," he told Rolling Stone in an article published today. "The horse is out of the stable and I'm raring to go."

Collins, a hit-maker back in the 80's and 90's, is the man responsible for classic like "In the Air Tonight" and "Sussudio." But the man hasn't released a new album since 2002 and even did a farewell tour years back.

"My kids are now 10 and 14 and they want to see what their dad does," he told the magazine. "They love my music and I'd like to take them out so they can enjoy it."

After splitting from his third wife in 2008, Collins said he "went through a few bits of darkness; drinking too much. I killed my hours watching TV and drinking, and it almost killed me. But I haven't had a drink in three years."

Collins, who moved to Miami to be close to his kids, said he built a studio in his home there and will begin recording soon.

As for a Genesis reunion, Collins said he's taking one step at a time.

"Let's start with this [solo] bit first. I love the guys. I would just prefer to do this first," he said.

Here's a look back at Collins' hits: