All About Spider-Man's Role in 'Captain America: Civil War'

Minor spoilers, but basically what you should know about breakout star.

ByABC News
May 7, 2016, 1:08 AM

— -- So, we are only a day into the big opening weekend for "Captain America: Civil War," but from the very first time we saw him in one of the trailers, the big talk has been surrounding Spider-Man's entrance into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Basically, we've never seen Spidey with the Avengers before because of a licensing deal with Sony, who last year, agreed to loan Peter Parker to the MCU, while the studio continues to work with Marvel on their own standalone Spidey movies.

It's a bit complicated, but the big takeaway for you, the fan, is that this Spidey rocks!

Spoilers Ahead (Kind of)

If you haven't seen the film yet, you may want to click away. But even if not, this should just serve to get you more excited to see the web crawler alongside Earth's mightiest heroes.

Here's How He Factors Into the Film:

First and foremost, he's definitely the comic relief -- in a true teenage way.

He's a kid and looks it. Tom Holland, who plays Spidey, is only 19 and he's fantastic. He's witty, yet self-conscious -- basically he's taking Peter Parker right off the pages of "The Spectacular Spider-Man."

Unlike those cast before him -- Andrew Garfield is 32 years old -- he's young and his humor is childlike. Even his references and how the other characters react to this crazy, beloved character is brilliant. He certainly doesn't fit in with the likes of a 40-year-old Ant-Man or 100-year-old Cap, but the culture clash is purposeful and it resonates in the film.

He's even in awe of some of the people he's fighting, which you've seen in clips of him battling the Winter Soldier.

"You have a metal arm!" he says in one. "That's so cool!"

You also know from the trailers that he's Team Iron Man. In the pages of "Civil War," the comics that inspired the film, Tony Stark is his mentor. They have great chemistry here, too, and he makes Iron Man much more humanized in the movie, even when his world is falling apart around him. This helps because even though Marvel movies are fun, this has the right amount of seriousness, as well.

Last Spoiler Alert (Again, Kind of)

Something fans were sick of seeing was Parker's origin story, much like they are sick of seeing Batman's parents killed off over and over again in movies and shows.

How Spider-Man enters the movie is so seamless and fun, the Russo brothers once again prove they are the masters of handling and directing so many moving parts. Suddenly Spider-Man, his family and his eccentricity are part of this world, and you don't need any time to think about it or adjust to having him in the family. You'll soon see what we mean.

Also, Parker's backstory of fighting crime, how Tony discovered him, and even where he lives with Aunt May just works. Side note: Marisa Tomei, who is in the IMDb credits as May, so no spoiler here, is also fantastic as a unique and different mother figure to Spidey.

Now, Spidey's not in the whole movie, this is simply an introduction, but simply put, Holland has a bright future ahead of him in the Marvel Universe.

Now go see the movie!

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