Star Wars Toys 'Go Rogue' as Tourists in New York City

Autumn is a great time to visit if you're from a galaxy far, far away.

— -- Autumn is a great time to visit New York City, particularly if you're from a galaxy far, far away. A death trooper and stormtrooper from the film "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story", trekked across the city to take in the sights. From Times Square to Downtown Manhattan, the duo enjoyed a break from the pressures of serving the Galactic Empire. They found New Yorkers welcoming even when they tried to strike back at the Empire State Building. Disney Consumer Products provided the toys free to ABC News part of its #GoRogue contest, inviting fans to create video or social with the new toy line released today (Disney is the parent company of ABC News.)

How can you visit Times Square and not take a selfie?

"Are these authentic 'dirty water' dogs?"

"Can't believe Hamilton is sold out again."

"Do you have the clearance code for passage?"

Unfortunately a subway's speed cannot be measured in parsecs.

The Empire always strikes back!

Kind of looks like a Star Destroyer, from a certain point of view.

"Whose idea was it not to take the TIE fighter?"

"Did you lose the plans for the trip?"

The bridge to the "Hipster System".