Steph and Ayesha Curry Play 'The Newlywed Game'

The NBA star and cookbook author answer questions about each other.

Ayesha Curry, a self-taught chef whose recipes and lifestyle tips have amassed an audience on social media, is now the author of a new cookbook, “The Seasoned Life.”

"Good Morning America" co-anchor Robin Roberts sat down with the Currys to talk about Ayesha's new book and upcoming cooking show. The couple also put their knowledge of one another to the test in a spin on "The Newlywed Game."

The couple, parents to their two daughters, Riley and Ryan, had some fun answering a variety of questions: What's Steph's favorite meal? What's Ayesha's favorite meal? What’s their favorite splurge meal? What does Steph know how to cook on his own? Who handles dish duty? Who wins in an argument? Watch their responses and friendly competition in the video above.