Steph Curry shares conversation with Obama on the challenges of leading a public life

Curry shared the struggles he faces living in the spotlight.

— -- Steph Curry spoke exclusively to ABC News about the struggles he faces living in the spotlight.

"He was talking about the challenges of before he was in office," Curry told ABC News correspondent T.J. Holmes. "And I'm not comparing what I do to what he does, but he dropped a line. He said before he got into office, he didn't value his anonymity as he was going through life. He can't just go walk down the street and be in his own world and just unplug, if you will, from all the commotion, the attention, the people grabbing at you.

"That's the one thing that's tough and what we do, we're obviously up front and center on TV."

Curry acknowledged that while he's all about the fans, it's not always easy stepping out in the public.

"[T]hat's the hardest thing ... maybe go to a grocery store and pick up some stuff and not run into anybody, have to talk about basketball or something like that -- can’t do it."