Bradys Go to the White House

Ready for a dose of perky optimism in your political mix? Well hold on there, because the Bradys are headed to the White House. FoxTV has announced plans for a new small-screen adventure that takes the perpetually sunny suburban family to the White House. Gary Cole and Shelley Long have agreed to reprise their roles as Mike and Carol Brady for the TV movie, The Brady Bunch in the White House. It will be the third time that Cole and Long having slipped into the polyester leisurewear of the classic 1970s parents, having done so already in 1995's The Brady Bunch Movie and 1996's A Very Brady Sequel

In the TV movie, Mike and Carol's good deeds land them in the White House as president and vice president, respectively. There's no word yet on whether the rest of the new batch of Bradys will be back, such as Christine Taylor, who played the hair-obsessed Marcia.

Meanwhile, the original Brady clan is still in demand. They've recently been humiliating themselves on the NBC game show The Weakest Link.

Reuters contributed to this story.