Clinton, Hopkins Bikini Shop in Rio

ByABC News
August 30, 2001, 2:34 PM

August 28 -- Tourists sunning themselves on Rio de Janeiro's picturesque beaches likely had to pinch themselves to be sure they weren't suffering from heatstroke when they beheld the former leader of the free world and Hannibal the Cannibal shopping for bikinis.

That's right, the unusual duo of former President Bill Clinton and Anthony Hopkins (who ditched the title of "sir" when he became a U.S. citizen last year) turned heads as they hit the Brazilian beaches.

A gaggle of photographers, beachgoers, and security men followed Clinton and Hopkins along the trendy Ipanema beach promenade, Reuters reports. TV cameras captured Clinton, clad in Bermuda shorts, sneakers, and a T-shirt, knocking a volleyball around and admiring a sand sculpture as passersby stared.

Shockingly, there were no reports of the sex-scandal survivor offering to rub sunscreen on any local beauties.

However, the high point came when the two silver-haired womanizers entered the Blue Man beachwear boutique to check out Brazil's most famous fashion product the bikini.

According to TV Globo, Clinton spent $113 on two bikinis and three sarongs. Whom they were for, we don't know, but if Hillary doesn't show up in one of them soon we can bet we'll be hearing from Ken Starr about it.

Clinton was scheduled to give a speech to professors and students at the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation in São Paulo today, Reuters reports. The high-profile tourists were expected to visit the spectacular Iguassu waterfall next, on the border with Argentina.