Reports: Mariah Carey Had Hysterics in Hotel

ByABC News
August 3, 2001, 10:47 AM

Aug. 3 -- Hours before she was hospitalized for an emotional breakdown, Mariah Carey reportedly went into violent hysterics, smashing glasses and dishes in her New York hotel suite, but a spokeswoman insists the pop star did not attempt to kill or harm herself.

Carey, 31, was taken to a hospital in suburban Westchester County, north of New York City, early on July 26 after suffering what her publicist called an "emotional and physical breakdown." She later moved to a facility in Connecticut.

Carey's handlers have blamed the meltdown on the exhaustion and stress of her hectic schedule. She had been making appearances in London and New York to promote her upcoming film debut in Glitter and the companion soundtrack.

According to the New York Post, Carey was staying at a suite in the TriBeCa Grand Hotel in Manhattan when her bodyguards heard "a commotion" late July 25.

The star reportedly broke down in hysterics, and began "breaking scores of dishes and glasses in the kitchenette," the Post said. At some point during her outburst, Carey cut her foot, newspaper said.

Berger acknowledged that Carey did suffer cuts to her body, but said those injuries were accidental. "She did break some dishes and glasses, and she may havestepped on them," the publicist said.

Berger denied Carey had attempted suicide. She said Carey asked to be with her mother and her bodyguards took her to Patricia Carey's home in Westchester County. Mrs. Carey called 911 because "she needed help controlling Mariah," the Post quoted Berger as saying

"At no time did she tell police that Mariah was going to kill herself," Berger added.

Ex-Husband Denies He Tried to Hinder Carey

The singer has made a side-career of posting cheerful comments on her Web site, describing her daily activities and expressing gratitude for her success.

Those reading the notices found a change in her typically sunny attitude just before Carey was hospitalized.

She left two voice messages on her official Web site warning fans to ignore what they might hear about her.