Hasselhoff Vows Return of Knight Rider

Baywatch is long over and cheesy '80s series Knight Rider is but a syndicated memory, but that's not stopping beefcake David Hasselhoff from trying to relaunch his career. The aging hunk tells the British site Popcorn that he's readying for another go at Knight Rider, this time on the big screen.

Ah, just what Hollywood needs: another campy TV show turned into a movie.

Hasselhoff tells the site that he'll be back on board as Michael Knight and that he's persuaded William Daniels to return as the voice of the supersmart car KITT. The late Edward Mulhare, who played Knight's boss, Devon Miles, will "come back as a hologram," says Hasselhoff. Ohh-kay.

Hasselhoff tells the site, "We're talking about doing it a little bit like The Matrix." Uh, watch your back, Keanu.

The actor, who's still got legions of fans in Europe thanks to his many music albums, was set to co-star in Mike Myers' now-defunct Dieter as the man who, er, steals Myers' monkey. We — and all of Germany — are still in mourning.