Music Notes: Metallica Singer Enters Rehab

Metallica just can't get a break.

The rock band battled Napster and infuriated fans, lost a bassist and was finally back in the studio to work on a new album.

Now, they're again putting plans on hold with the news that vocalist/guitarist James Hetfield has entered an undisclosed location for treatment of alcohol abuse and "other addictions."

"He will continue to receive treatment until further notice," the band says on a statement on their Web site. "Until then, we have postponed all current activities, including recording sessions for our new album."

The statement thanks fans for their support, and makes it clear they want their bandmate to take care of his health. "James is working hard toward recovery, and needless to say he has our full support."

DiFranco Too Hot for Letteman

Indie rock chick Ani DiFranco is apparently not sunny enough for late night TV.

Her planned Thursday night appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman was canceled when she wanted to sing a tune deemed inappropriate by the show's producers.

DiFranco picked out her racially charged song "Subdivision." She claims the producers preferred a more upbeat tune and dropped her from the show when she refused to comply.

"Faced with a choice between playing something 'upbeat' yet apolitical or not playing at all, Ani chose the latter," according to a statement from her label.

There's been no comment from the Letterman camp.


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ABCNEWS Radio and's Nancy Chandross contributed to this report.